• Verity Controller

Polling Place Management

The Verity Controller allows easy, centralized polling place management for electronic voting with Verity Touch DRE devices.  When the Verity Controller is connected via data cables to attached Verity Touch machines, it allows election officials to open and close polls, issue electronic ballots, monitor attached voting machines, and print reports for the entire polling place, all from a single, easy-to-use, intuitive console.

Easy-to-use dashboard

The Verity Controller features a modern, usable interface that allows officials to see which Verity Touch devices are in use, available, or require help.

Simple ballot style activation

After voters check-in, election officials simply select the voter’s precinct (ballot) style, and the Controller prints an Access Code “ticket” that voters use to activate the ballot on Verity Touch; this secure, simple system requires no smart cards or other accessories.

Open and close polls from a single console

With Verity Controller, a single command point allows fast activation and fast shutdown for your entire polling place, with minimal steps for your election officials.

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