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Smart Election Management

The Verity family of software is uniquely designed for adaptability and long life, with an innovative architecture that provides both flexibility and security.  Unlike traditional election technology that focuses mainly on hard-to-change certified components, Verity includes Election Office, an election management software platform, and Verity Voting, designed from the ground-up for holistic interoperability.


Employing best practices for information design, we’ve built user-centered software that helps hard working election professionals accomplish tasks more efficiently, with fewer headaches.


Verity software incorporates the latest, most secure practices for trust and transparency.


Placing election management and voting system functions under one Verity “umbrella” provides the best of both words – flexible adaptability in a living software platform, plus the reassurance of certification for voting functions.

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Complementary Products


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Verity Touch is a modern, compact, and intuitive touchscreen DRE that represents the next generation of electronic voting.

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Verity Scan is the future of in-person paper ballot scanning.

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