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San Jacinto County Switches to Hart InterCivic to Improve Election Technology

February 16, 2017
San Jacinto County joins the growing group of counties in Texas to leave another election solutions provider to acquire the Verity Voting® system from Hart InterCivic.

Verity Voting Solution Priced Right For Michigan

February 09, 2017
State Fully Covers Brand-New Verity System

Hidalgo County Switches to Hart InterCivic For Future Elections

February 07, 2017
After more than two years of research into options, Hidalgo County officials are moving confidently to shed outdated voting equipment and begin a new partnership with Texas-based Hart InterCivic, well-known for strong customer support and election innovations.

DeWitt County Goes 100% Electronic with Hart InterCivic’s Verity Voting

February 07, 2017
This week, the DeWitt County election office is taking delivery of the most advanced election system certified for elections in the U.S., Hart InterCivic’s Verity Voting System.

Innovative Verity Voting Now Available for Michigan Upgrades

January 25, 2017
Hart InterCivic’s innovative Verity Voting System is now available as a replacement for aging election equipment in Michigan.


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