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eSlate machines to help disabled to vote in Long Beach

December 25, 2011
New voting devices will allow disabled persons to cast a ballot without assistance during Long Beach's April municipal election. Resembling an electronic reading device, the eSlate machines from Texas- based Hart InterCivic accommodate a wide range of disabilities by offering larger font, headphones, a Braille keyboard and a "sip- and-puff" device, among other features.

Oklahoma elections: Officials upgrade machines for February votes

December 14, 2011
The next big change in Oklahoma elections since the state stopped counting ballots by hand in 1992 is rolling out in February, promising faster election results and more data.

Mock elections prepare volunteers to handle new voting machines

December 13, 2011
They're brand new and high tech. The Tulsa County Election Baord has new voting machines just in time for the 2012 election season and Tuesday was training day for hundreds of volunteers across the Tulsa area. Several buildings held the mock elections allowing time for those who will run the new machines time to work out any kinks in the system.

Tulsa County election workers try out state's new voting machines

December 13, 2011
The state's new voting machines won't present many surprises for voters when they're unveiled in February. But for the precinct workers who operate them, it's a different story.

Monroe County Approves New Voting Equipment

December 04, 2011
Monroe County commissioners have approved the purchase of new voting equipment. The equipment, from the Austin, Texas, company Hart InterCivic, will cost the county more than $443,000. It includes 62 machines that will be either purchased or leased.


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