By-Mail Voting On The Rise

The popularity of By-Mail Voting continues to grow. Hart's professional services and integration know-how are all the support you'll need.

Simplified Logistics

Reduced complexity and cost fueling greater adoption

Many jurisdictions are pursuing the benefits of vote-by-mail because of the reduced overhead and simplified logistics. With paper ballots sent through the mail, there are fewer polling places and devices to configure, and less staff means reduced labor costs.

Voter Convenience

Anywhere voting offers true flexibility

Voters appreciate the convenience of By-Mail Voting solutions because they are not limited to a single date and polling location to cast their ballot. These benefits might help explain why jurisdictions with a large mix of by-mail voting may have also experienced higher voter turnout.

Customized Integration

A one-stop source for all your By-Mail needs

Hart offers a variety of technology solutions and professional service know-how to create a customized, integrated By-Mail offering that meets your jurisdiction’s specific needs.

Voting Solutions from Hart

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